Alejandro Simón alaba a la Virgen del Prado antes de celebrar sus Fiestas

Alejandro Simón Castillo, a well-known figure in the traditions of the city, has delivered the III Exaltation in honor of the Virgen del Prado. Simón has previously been the pregonero (preacher) for the Holy Week in the capital, as well as the exalter of Christmas and some of the prominent brotherhoods in Ciudad Real.

The event began with the presentation of the Festivities poster in honor of the Virgen del Prado by the president of the religious corporation, Jesús González Adánez, and the mayor Paco Cañizares. Antonio Vich served as the host and introduced the pregonero. Juan Carlos Vela emotionally introduced Simón, referring to him as «brother» due to their strong friendship.

During his speech, Simón expressed his devotion to the Virgen del Prado and shared his personal experiences related to the festivities surrounding her. He praised the bravery of the Brotherhood of the Virgen del Prado and emphasized her importance as a guiding force for the people of Ciudad Real.

The most emotional moment came when Simón recited verses dedicated to the nurses participating in the Caravana Blanca on August 13th. The audience responded with a standing ovation.

The event concluded with the mayor presenting a commemorative gift to Simón and Vich, and the president of the Virgen del Prado Brotherhood expressing gratitude for their contributions.

The article also provides a list of religious events taking place during the Festivities honoring the Virgen del Prado, as well as statements from the mayor and the Vicario Judicial of the Diocese of Ciudad Real, emphasizing the importance of devotion and charity.

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