La Junta espera que el Gobierno asegure «la equidad» en la financiación autonómica

Blanca Fernández, the Government Delegate of Castilla La Mancha in the province of Ciudad Real, is confident that the central government «will not give privileges» to regions like Catalonia in regional financing, and that it will ensure «equality» among different territories, as befitting a «democratic state».
Speaking at the presentation of the XXII International Concert Series ‘Historic Organ of Torre de Juan Abad’, Fernández criticized some regions that «want to create distance» in this area, causing «fear» among others.
According to Fernández, bilateral dialogue is appropriate «to discuss the needs, such as education and healthcare, of each autonomous community», although negotiations for financial coverage should be conducted «in a conference of presidents and with a multilateral approach».
The key point of this discussion, Fernández added, is the guarantee of equality as the axis of the democratic state, so that all citizens, regardless of where they live, have their rights covered and can be treated fairly. She illustrated this with the example that «a cancer patient in Barcelona has the same right to be cured as one in Torre de Juan Abad».
Therefore, Fernández is confident that the central government will uphold the «rule of law, based on justice and equality», in order to promote equality throughout Spain. She emphasized that doing otherwise «would be a mistake», although she believes that the Spanish government will not grant these privileges.

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