La vendimia de la familia Redondo comienza con la recolección del chardonnay

Domingo Redondo Sánchez and his son, Fran Redondo Urda, have completed the first day of grape harvesting on their vineyard in Villarrubia, La Mancha. This year, the harvest has started a week early due to the early ripening of the chardonnay grapes. The Redondo family, who have been involved in agriculture for generations, have noticed a decrease in production on their 45-hectare vineyard due to the effects of heat and drought. They estimate a 5% decrease in production compared to last year, which when combined with a 15% decrease from 2022, will result in a 20% decrease overall. This estimation is consistent with other vineyards in the region. Despite the lower production, the quality of the grapes is expected to be high, with a suitable sugar content and acidity. The Redondo family begins harvesting around 2 am to take advantage of the cooler nighttime temperatures. They anticipate a better market position for their wine due to the lower production and higher quality. The younger Redondo predicts that white wines will continue to be popular among consumers, especially younger drinkers. The president of the Villarrubia cooperative, El Progreso, also expects a good harvest with high-quality grapes.

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